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Chiropractor in Carbondale, PA

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At Carbondale Chiropractic Center, we believe in making you feel at ease and well cared for. We are always striving to improve our skills and knowledge to maintain a focus on patient education, while always promoting a friendly environment.


We believe you are the best advocates for your own well-being, and we want to assist you in a lifetime pursuit of the best possible health.

Our hope is to see a paradigm shift in this community, where our patients take charge of their wellness and move away from an attitude that we should just fix health problems instead of also preventing them.

Our Services

Chiropractor in Carbondale, PA


We offer weekly workshops to help you build your arsenal of health knowledge. And we provide exemplary chiropractic care to support you in your quest for wellness.

Whether you need immediate relief from pain, need to rehabilitate an old injury, or want to integrate chiropractic care into your healthy lifestyle as a means of prevention, we are here to help.

Meet Our Team


Prior to any treatment, Dr. Joe spent a great deal of one-on-one time with me addressing my injury and assessing my overall health. He developed a plan for my injury and the treatments relieved the pain very quickly without having to take medication. He also offered an easy-to-follow long term preventative treatment plan to maintain my overall health. The appointments are convenient, and the cost is reasonable. The staff and Dr. Joe are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The facility is kept clean and sanitized. I recommend Carbondale Chiropractic Clinic to all my friends and family.

Anthony S.

Been going here a few months and it’s incredible! My back pain has completely gone away, and I hardly ever get headaches anymore. Dr.Joe knows what he’s talking about and really cares about you and your health! The staff is always smiling and welcoming and makes you feel welcomed ! Highly recommend to stop in and check it out!

Marcus M.

I just started coming to see Dr. Joe 3 weeks ago, and my overall well-being has immensely improved! I came here for neck pain and found out what was causing it. This was the first I have heard of this issue as well as the importance of spinal health is. I look forward to getting my 3 adjustments a week and will be sad when it goes down to once a week! Prior to coming I was really depressed and exhausted all of the time.. I am no longer taking my medication for sleep and have so much more energy and an improvement in my mood! I drive 40 minutes to come here and it is so worth it! I can’t begin to thank Carbondale Chiropractic for all that they have done for me. It is always a pleasant experience as the office girls know everyone’s name. I am also very comfortable with Dr. Joe, and he is so encouraging and great at what he does. You can tell he loves what he does!

Shianne W.

Where else can you receive a thorough adjustment, indulge in some thought provoking conversation, listen to an eclectic playlist of musical genres, exchange genuine smiles and laughter with strangers, embrace exciting and compassionate heartfelt stories, and ultimately walk out feeling revitalized and pumped about your next appointment? LOVE THIS CREW OF PROFESSIONALS!!!

Claude Z.

Great place and are very friendly. Ever since I started going, I sleep better, no more back and neck pain and have not had to take my medication for my arthritis. It's been a joy and I will continue to come back

Wayne H.

All the staff here at Carbondale Chiropractic are very friendly and involved. They all knew my name the first week. I feel like going for adjustments played a big role in my taking control of my health and fitness. I've lost 40lbs and increased the amount of weight I'm lifting in the gym tremendously. I haven't been in this good of shape in 10 years. I also really appreciate the maintenance program after the 12 week treatment plan. You can come in whenever you have a flare up of pain. It really helped me after being on my feet working 12 hour night shifts as an RN. I highly recommend Carbondale Chiropractic.


I started going here almost 1 year ago. I had such back pain. It hurt to sit and stand. I couldn't sleep well because of the pain. Dr. Joe and the rest of the team have me feeling so much better. I can not thank them enough. They are miracle workers.

Aileen S.

Absolutely wonderful people here! I feel so much better...less pain, better sleep. Overall feeling great. Thank you so much!

Jennifer M.


In memory of our beloved founder of Carbondale Chiropractic Center. He has touched so many through his healing hands, his warm heart, and his dedication to chiropractic. His presence will be missed, but his legacy will remain forever.

Chiropractor in Carbondale, PA
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