Dr. Joe Merli

Dr. Joe Merli graduated from New York Chiropractic College with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He specializes in Corrective Chiropractic Care, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition. At a young age he had a passion for sports and athletics. He played 4 years of football and did 8 years of powerlifting, which caused him to struggle with lower back pain. It started to affect his ability to work out and perform at the level he wanted to. He needed to find a way to get back to optimal health, which led him to Chiropractic.

Chiropractic has helped him to maintain good spinal health, which enables him to do what he is most passionate about. He promotes the importance of spinal health, especially at a young age. Dr. Joe treats all ages in his office as well as babies and children. He also has a master’s degree in Nutrition, and works with patients to incorporate proper diet, as well as Chiropractic care to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Joe has trained with some of the top and well respected Chiropractors in order to give his patients the best possible care. He continues to keep up with the latest new Chiropractic techniques and treatment methods regularly attending seminars to further his education.

Spinal Decompression Training

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Merli is certified in the Kennedy Decompression Technique. Since there is a high failure rate in disc surgical procedures, Dr. Merli has decided to make an extra effort and seek out the most advanced disc training course to help prevent his patients from surgery.

The Kennedy Decompression Technique is a very credible, high class decompression certification course which involves 12 hours of online training and 12 hours of hands-on decompression training which is approved through the Logan College of Chiropractic. At this certification course, Dr. Merli learned how to properly classify patients into certain categories based upon performing many provocative examinations. Based upon the results found from these examinations, as a certified decompression practitioner, he can effectively treat disc symptom patients with the highest level of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Merli is the only KDT certified practitioner in Carbondale and the surrounding area. So, if you find yourself suffering from a disc herniation, bulge, degenerative disc disease, sciatic nerve pain, or any type of low back or neck pain, Carbondale Chiropractic Center would like to have a consultation with you today!


Front Desk

Cindy brings a multitude of Educational and Employment history and experience to Carbondale Chiropractic Center. Cindy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology/Human Resources from Mansfield University. Achieving this degree and her Education was one of her proudest accomplishments in life. Before being employed by Carbondale Chiropractic Center Cindy has held many positions which involved multiple interactions with many types of individuals, therefore she thought this position would be ideal for her. Never thinking how beneficial this job would be to her overall Optimal Health and well-being.

She personally as an adult has had many health issues and concerns including asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and back pain. Through being taught by Dr. Joe Merli and staff, along with her own individual research, Cindy has come to realize how valuable Chiropractic Care is to herself and others. She has implemented what she has been taught into her daily life and has realized that it has greatly improved her health and well-being. Cindy has had no episodes of bronchitis or asthma attacks and has had no recurring back pain. Cindy feels grateful to be a part of Carbondale Chiropractic Center and to assist in improving the lives of all its patients.

Outside of the office, of all the things in life that Cindy enjoys the most are her four precious rescue feline fur babies at home. Their names are Niles, Sophie, Jersey, and O’Malley. They bring much joy and love to her life. Cindy’s also enjoys reading books in her spare time.


Chiropractic Assistant

Felicia has been under Chiropractic Care since she was a child. However, she was not aware that seeing a Chiropractor consistently for adjustments and following a corrective care plan was so important. Since she started working with our team and began getting adjusted regularly by Dr. Joe Merli, she has experienced tremendous health results. Consistent Chiropractic care has improved Felicia’s mood, posture, sleep, energy, and overall wellbeing.

While working here Felicia has also taken part in the 21 Day Standard Process Challenge and has researched and found many Standard Process supplements that improve her health. Felicia is available to assist patients in determining the correct natural supplements for specific health ailments and symptoms.

Felicia has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from East Stroudsburg University and has a background in customer care and marketing. She now applies her previous knowledge in her role as a Chiropractic Assistant and works diligently to help create a positive patient experience. She has recently undergone Chiropractic training at The Parker University Seminar, along with the rest of the team at Carbondale Chiropractic Center. In her free time Felicia enjoys walking her dog Gianna and practicing yoga.


Office Mascot

Meet Mr. Oliver, our Office Dog! I am an Emotional Therapy Dog, and I am 7 years old. I have been working at Carbondale Chiropractic Center for 4 years now, and I love greeting our patients and offering support. I am on Standard Process canine supplements for my overall general health, and flex support for my joints, so I can keep chasing squirrels and bunnies. On my days off I enjoy swimming, hiking, and napping. Please no outside treats!