Professional & Caring

“I recommend Dr. Joe at Carbondale Chiropractic to everyone I know. I went in 7 months ago with a very painful shoulder and now I am pain free. I did not use any pain medication at all, which is great! Dr. Joe is very professional and he listens well and answers all my questions. He cares about his patients progress and enables his patients to heal naturally through corrective care chiropractic adjustment. I now see Dr. Joe only once a week and feel great without any pain.”

– Gail V.

Excellent Information

“I am happy to say the experience not only helps my physical health, but also gives excellent information on life style changes and all the support you need to make these changes.”

– Caroline S.

Hopeful and Thankful

“Before my visit, I was not able to use my right hand & had no dexterity in the hand. I was in a very uncomfortable, painful state with my lower back as well. I was actually finding it hard to walk, my gate was very labored. The same evening after my first actual appointment, I was able to use my hand like I haven’t been able to in months. I was dropping things, & my hand writing was like chicken scratch before this appointment. My lower back, shoulders & neck were also effected, where I had much pain and discomfort prior to this first appointment. That same evening, I was finally able to have comfort sleeping, walking & sitting. I could actually bend at the hips without pain or pressure that I had prior to the first appointment. I feel very hopeful, & thankful for this. Thank you.”

– Maria A.

Exceeded Expectations

“The staff is extremely professional and dedicated to improving the quality of life for each and every patient. They demonstrate compassion while delivering excellent service. The doctors deliver outstanding care, are very knowledgeable and have a great bed side manner. They are truly concerned about the well being of their patients. Their expertise far exceeds my expectations.”

– Mary Theresa V.

Full Recovery

“Chiropractic care keeps me mobile and more flexible without pain or pills. I had fallen and sprained my hip. I was off work with pain and could not move very well for 3 weeks. The doctor treated me and got me back to a full recovery. I was able to dance at have a blast at my nephews wedding, especially since I couldn’t walk before. And all of this without pills?!! Imagine!!”

– Debra Z.